When Praize Vuna helped her grandfather try to work out a storage issue on his smartphone, she discovered the weirdest thing – the camera roll was full of photos of… QR codes.

The codes were from supermarkets, the bus, even Bunnings.

It then dawned on her.

While her grandfather Filimone Vuna, 67, thought he was diligently scanning into various places using a QR code COVID-19 contract tracing app… he was instead just taking photos of the codes.

Credit: Facebook/Praize Vuna

“Everywhere he would go, he’d try find a QR code to ‘scan’ just so he can do the right thing like everyone else,” Praize said.

“My heart shattered knowing that I hadn’t done my job to help my grandparents stay safe by using the app correctly.


“So, I downloaded the app for him and showed him how to scan the QR codes properly. I can now say that I have done my job as a granddaughter to help keep my elders safe.”

Bless him.

It’s also a great reminder in seeing how our parents and grandparents are going with the COVIDsafe app if they use it.

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