If you’ve gone past The Guildford Hotel recently, you might have seen a massive plastic dome inside and wondered what the hell is going on in there.

Well, it’s an igloo.

Except these ones aren’t made of blocks of ice, they’re plastic.

Apparently, these things are pretty popular over in some Melbourne pubs and, naturally, anything associated with Melbourne, Perth’s down for. 

These things are like pop-up bars within a bar. And we all know that pop-up bars are just another Perth thing that Perth froths over.

But you can’t just grab a beer and set up camp in one of these ET incubators, oh no, no, no, you gotta book ‘em.

So, here’s where they’re doing them:


For $50 a head, The Guildford Hotel is offering a platter of their “greatest snacks, with a melty wheel of cheese to dip”, plus a yummy cocktail to sip on your Chesterfield lounge inside your own plastic igloo. This is for groups of 4 to 6 people.

The igloo sitch at The Aviary is slightly different. It’s still $50 per person but here you can book a romantic igloo for two if you like (the maximum is 6 people). Not only do you get a cosy see-through igloo with ski lodge-y faux-fur throw rugs, you also get “boozy hot chocolates and our chef’s belly warming platter.”

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