Indoor jungles might be all the rage right now, but honestly, keeping them alive is what really gets us in a rage.

One day your plant is green, lush and healthy and the next it’s as crispy as Donald Trump’s hair. Was it overwatering? Was it under-watering? Was it somehow BOTH?

If this resonates deeply within your murderous soul, then I have good news for you.

Bunnings has your back.

‘The Perfect Plant Promise’ as they call it is one of those sneaky policies that have been around since day one but no-one reads the terms and conditions to anything, let’s be real.

APPARENTLY if you buy a plant from Bunnings, it’s guaranteed to live for 12 months, even if you stuff up (if you’re reading this you’ve probably stuffed up, haven’t you). If it dies, you can refund or return it.


Say what now.

These are assessed by the angelic staff at Bunnings case by case so don’t go being all dodgy and weird and take advantage of the situation.

That being said, if your plant babies have had a rough summer and aren’t looking so hot then maybe it’s time to drop em’ and adopt some cuter ones. That’s what motherhood is all about right?

Life lesson- let’s actually read the T’s & C’s one in a while. Right? Maybe. Probably not.



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