As we get ready to start travelling again, many of us will be hoping to put our frequent flyer memberships to good use and get back into those lounges again. 

Qantas has revealed the changes that are coming to its lounges and if you’re a foodie, you might be a bit disappointed.

Sadly, there will no longer be the good old buffet station that we know and love.

Yep, no more DIY sandwiches and pancakes. Farewell, my friend.

Instead, there will be ‘snacking stations’ with individually prepared plates as well as a ‘tray around service’ with plates served by staff.

“As more of our customers return to the skies we’re delighted we can now re-open almost all of our lounges in time for Christmas,” Qantas Chief Customer Officer Steph Tully said.

“It’s another step towards returning the travel experience back to normal. It also means more of our people can get back to work.”

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