In absolutely incredible news, today Aldi is announcing their two new business partners- The Sun and The Wind.

“We are thrilled to be joining the ALDI Australia family for an initiative that will protect the earth without making day-to-day life harder for its inhabitants”, announced The Sun and The Wind.

Firstly, you guys are adorable, secondly, you guys are epic.

What a step to take and hopefully other large businesses will soon follow suit.

According to Aldi, they’re the 64th biggest use of electricity in Australia but this launch will see 102, 000 solar panels installed preventing 41, 000 tonnes of carbon emissions entering the atmosphere every year!

Don’t stress though, these changes won’t make any difference to Aldi’s low prices.

“Research shows Australians want to make greener choices at the checkout, but worry that these often come with a premium price tag. ALDI Australia’s renewable energy commitments mean that ALDI shoppers can buy with confidence at the lowest price – we’re committed to saving our customers money on every shop, while also doing our bit for the environment”, Adrian Christie, Customer Interactions Director of Aldi Australia commented.

Aldi is aiming for 250 stores and six warehouses run with solar energy by the end of 2020!

Congratulations, you guys just gave everyone ANOTHER reason to love you!



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