Woolworths customers are calling on the supermarket to ban families from shopping together.

Shoppers have taken to the retail giant’s Facebook page with complaints about adults taking their children to the supermarket and letting them run around without a care for the social distancing regulations that are in a post.

One shopper said that while staff were doing an amazing job that it’s a ‘shame about some of the customers. I just went to my local store and had to dodge kids running up the aisles.’

They went on to say “One example was three adults shopping together with a toddler. Is this really necessary? Perhaps Woolies could re-consider the restrictions and allow only one person to shop,” the post said.

Despite the complaints, Woolworths has said “We have no plans to ban children from entering our stores at this time.’

The spokesperson said shoppers were, however, encouraged to shop alone or in smaller groups whenever possible.

“Where that’s not an option, we ask customers to pay close attention to social distancing with their little ones and maintain good hygiene practices,” they said.

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