If you ever wondered what it took to the get the job of your dreams, having the perfect resume could help get it over the line – and now, thanks to an Aussie job site, we know what that looks like.

Job site Adunza has done the research we’ve long needed; using valuation technology to shuffle through 50,000 recently submitted CVs, and working out what the ideal CV would look like.

It found that 91 per cent of job applicants were letting themselves down by making easily avoided mistakes while applying for a job. More than nine in 10 resumes contained at least one of the four most common errors: incomplete employment history, incorrectly formatted file names, CVs that were too long or too short and spelling mistakes.

Interestingly, CVs were given a score out of 100 based on 10 different criteria – and out of 50,000 – only one achieved a score of 100.

Removing the personal details of the applicant and their references, Adzuna shared the “perfect” CV, which runs for three pages, contains no unexplained gaps in work history, includes zero spelling mistakes and is comes with a clear file name that includes the applicant’s name and “CV”.

So now that we know what works, what errors should we look out for?

Of all the most commonly made errors, Adzuna CEO Raife Watson said, spelling mistakes stuck out to employers the most.


And it seems West Aussies are the worst offenders when it comes to spelling, with 73.15 per cent of CVs from WA contain at least one error.

Source: news.com.au

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