It’s always nice to see something on the table when you move into a new place. It shows a lot of care and helps build rapport, but in this case, it may have built a rift.

A landlord has divided Facebook users after she posted a photo of her present to the new tenants of her newly renovated unit to the Bunnings Mums Australia Facebook page.

The house-warming gift contained household items like toilet paper, rubbish bags, air fresheners, sponges and dish soap. The woman also threw in a cheeky packet of Tim Tams, because let’s be real, who can resist a good Tim Tam?

Instead of the praise she was expecting for the idea, she was hit with negative comments about her gesture.

“Hope you left the receipt so they can get a refund on this passive aggressive hamper,” one user wrote.

“Yeah, now every time they clean, they are going to feel your presumptuous judgement of their cleanliness. I’d chuck it all out so it didn’t piss me off.”

The woman did have people in her court, with people saying that the gesture was a nice idea and they had received similar gifts in the past.

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