Have you ever dreamed of having some “good neighbours” of your own and moving into the iconic Ramsay Street? Well, now is your big chance!

The one-time home of Mrs Mangel and Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi, at 1 Pin Oak Court, has hit the market with a $1.3m-1.43m price guide.

The vendor Lorraine Rushton told realestate.com.au she hopes another fan of the show purchases the property.

“We get a fee for them coming and filming, and we have 24-hour security — we’re well looked after,” she said.

“This house was what we dreamt of.

“We fell instantly in love with it, the Neighbours thing was a bonus.


“We’ve had a Formula 1 car come up the street with Michael Schumacher’s brother driving, we’ve had the Wiggles come and visit.

“We were on the Ray Martin Show — when we walked out, they played the Neighbours song. And I had my picture taken with Andre Rieu.”

The last ‘Neighbours’ house that went for sale was Dr Karl and Susan Kennedy’s home at 5 Pin Oak Court. It was sold at $1.405million.