“You don’t need $10,000, you can start with 50 cents.”

Annnnd, straight off the bat, Bryce Leske from the Get Started Investing podcast had my attention.

I know, I was surprised too.

I mean, the last time I was whipped into a lather over investing I was watching The Wolf Of Wall Street.

“[The industry] tries to make it as confusing and dry and possible but the idea of the podcast is to dispel that,” Bryce said.

“It isn’t that complicated and once you’re in it – it all opens up.”

Bryce and his co-host Alec Renehan started off four years ago with the Equity Mates podcast, but recently realised that they needed a more low-key version for those who hadn’t even begun to dip their toe in.


So, the aptly-named Get Started Investing came about.

“We’re not going to tell you what to buy but we guarantee you’ll feel confident enough to give it a crack,” Bryce said.

“It’s just 12 episodes – a one-stop shop.”

The thing about this podcast is the sheer relatability of Bryce and Alec.

“We are our audience,” he told me.

“We’re going through the same journey, it’s like listening to your mates talking about investing.”


Bryce has clearly not met my mates, but he did stop me dead in my tracks when he changed my way of thinking in one sentence.

“Skipping a coffee everyday won’t make you a millionaire but by investing it right, you might,” he said.

Say what now.

“You already know the companies, you might have an Apple iPhone, wear Nike trainers, use a KitchenAid mixer, why not be the owner and reap the reward?”

My interest piqued, I asked Bryce the classic chicken or egg question: Do you need to work out which company to invest in first or get the money together first. You know, ASKING FOR A FRIEND.

He said the first step is to get the money right.


The best way to start that is to get into a savings habit – not just ‘rainy day’ savings but specific savings to invest.

“It can be as little as a few cents,” he said.

“The old excuse of ‘I don’t have enough money’… you don’t need $10,000.”

Wait. What. Exactly how many cents.

“You can start with 50 cents.”

Well, I’m sold.


Three hot tips from Equity Mates

Get your money right

First things first, get your money right. Focus on saving some of your income every paycheque, no matter how small.

Start small

Micro-investing apps offer a great way to get started. You can start investing with less than a dollar.  If you’ve ever thought ‘I don’t have enough to start investing’ think again.


Just get started!

Don’t put it off any longer. It has never been easier to start investing than it is today, and it is nowhere near as complicated as it seems. The only way you’ll find out is by starting.

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