Considering the latest iOS update was about a couple of weeks ago, it seems we’re still discovering these little tricks hidden in our iPhones.

By ‘we’ I mean me.

Friends, before some tech-savvy smug youngster says ‘ohhh, didn’t cha knowww?’ here’s some handy info which can have you confidently firing back, ‘actually yes, Jaxon, yes I did’.

If you love a good screenshot like I do, cop this: the iPhone can take screenshots that capture not only your screen but an entire webpage.

This is a godsend for saving a large extended chunk of something you’ve read online and no more having to consult with 15 separate shots of a recipe online.

One thing: it only works for taking full-page screenshots in the Safari app.

How to screenshot entire articles on iPhone

  • Open a website or article in Safari.
  • Take a screenshot.
  • Open the screenshot and tap the full page tab.
  • Click done and choose to save the screenshot as a PDF.
  • Open the files app
  • In the files app, you’ll find the entire website or article saved as viewable PDF that you can scroll through at your leisure

This TikTok explains it all:


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