Self-serve checkouts aren’t exactly new, but a new argument has surfaced: should we get a discount for using them?

Woolworths recently announced they were trialling a self-service trolley checkout – complete with conveyor belt – in Melbourne.

Not only has it sparked fresh debate over self-service vs hiring more checkout staff… some shoppers now want an incentive to use them.

“Just saw the new self serve checkout trial hahaha,” wrote Annette on Woolies’ Facebook page.

“I’ll be happy to use self serve checkouts when you start paying me to do so.

“If there was an instant discount at the time of purchase, it could tempt me to self serve, but until then I will use the usual checkouts, and always go ask for more to be opened if the available ones are full.”

Another chimed in saying they loved the idea: “If we’re going to give up on customer service, then I should get paid for it.”


Another shopper, Sam, wondered if Woolies was going to give customers a shirt and name badge “or maybe pay the customer.”

Shopper Sean also got in on the action: “This new self-service trolley check out, how much of a discount are you going to offer for me to use?”

Woolworths actually responded to Sean: “We want to give our customers choice, so they can pick the checkout option that best works for them, on any given day. It’s all about providing another convenient option for our customers and is designed to complement the manned checkouts and traditional self serve options at store.”

Not everyone, however, supported the idea of an incentive for using the self-serve option.

“Do you ask for a bonus at the bank… or extra fuel at the servo ..both those places you serve yourself…or do you stand there like a spare part demanding someone come and serve you?” was a common argument.

The other argument was simply “OK Boomer”



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