Leave it to Aussies to come up with the most gloriously tragic names.

It’s become a national pastime to give our kids mangled and tacky names and an Australian parenting writer has decided to chronicle them.

The author of ‘The Little Book of Bogan Baby Names’ Sabrina Rogers-Anderson gave her picks for the most bogan boys’ and girls’ names of the year with Kidspot.

Brace yourself, there are some absolute doozies:

Top 10 bogan girls names:

1. Anomaly

2. Antwohnette

3. Charmayanne

4. Panda

5. Sianna-Marrie

6. Snowdrop

7.  Starlette

8.  Velvette

9.  Vin’nyla

10. Windy

Top 10 bogan names for boys:


1. Brayan

2. Kanaan

3. Kairo

4. Pluto

5. Precise

6. Sincere

7. Tenysi

8. Tigger

9.  Tokyo

10.  Wiatt

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