Every renter will know that properties always come with little quirks that you take with a grain of salt. 

In this mum’s case, the last tenant had gifted her a woefully kept bathroom floor… welp.

Luckily, Carey Barling had some tricks up her sleeve and knew how to transform it so it looks sparkling clean. She only needed hot water, sugar soap and dishwashing liquid and the results have blown people’s minds.

Posting to popular Facebook group Mums Who Clean, she explained she only needed to scrub a little bit to get the results she needed.


It’s safe to say others will be trying out the tip for themselves…

“Great job! So satisfying!” one commenter said.

“Amazing job!! Pity it was in such an awful state to begin with,” another wrote.

“What a difference a little scrubbing does. Looks amazing. Look how beautiful the grout came up,” a third said.