We may still be months out until Christmas but our favourite stores are already stocking festive items to help us get into the spirit. Hey, some people might want to start saying goodbye to 2020 early!

There are a lot of contemporary ideas for decorations these days, however not everyone is sold on an $89 item that Target has put out on the shop floor.

The 1.5m Wooden Scandi Christmas tree has been shamed on social media for just being “sticks”. One shopper in the Target Mums Australia Facebook group went as far as to describe it as an “eyesore.”

“Worth $25 no more,” another Facebook user said.

A Target employee backed the tree, saying “the limbs spin around and very sturdy, we’ve sold 2 today at my store, I think you will either love it or hate it.”

Although the tree is not listed on the Target website, a smaller version is available for $25.