An Aussie traffic controller has taken to TikTok to reveal the eye-watering amount of money she makes a week.

In the video – which has over 7 million views – Chloe Taouk revealed what she is paid controlling traffic around Sydney’s construction sites.

Are you ready to hear this?

Working almost 58 hours in six days, she earns $2949 a week.

For a 15-minute shift on Thursday, she scored herself $148, and after pulling a 12.5-hour day on Sunday, she raked in $717.40.

A 14-hour shift on Wednesday saw her receive $611.50, while nine hours on a Saturday calculated to $557.

On Monday, she worked for 12 hours, which scored her $496, while a 10-hour shift on Tuesday netted her $409.45.


This is roughly $50 an hour for her working week.


We need a pay rise #trafficcontrol

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