We all know that the Dyson vacuum cleaner is royalty when it comes to cleaning the cat hair off your carpet, right?

They’re bloody good vacuums, sure, but they’re not cheap. This is where The Reject Shop and their budget versions of your high-falutin’ vacuum cleaners come in.

The budget-friendly store has just dropped its own $90 version of Dyson’s stick vacuum.

And it looks pretty similar to the real thing!

The vacuum cleaner is cordless and comes with the standard brush head, a 2-in-1 flat brush and long-flat nozzle.

The vacuum dropped in stores around the country last week, but if you want to get your hands on one, you had better be quick.


There are reports floating around that the product has sold out at various stores, with would-be customers already reporting that they can’t find the not-a-Dyson in store.

Maybe call ahead to see if you can pick one up at your local.

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