West Coast players and their doggos have again gathered for one of the club’s most anticipated events: The Stevie Simpson Cup.

Every year for the past three years, the Eagles have pitted their pooches against each other for championship glory.

After some ribbing by Luke Shuey and Josh Kennedy on the club’s socials, the big day finally dawned on Floreat Dog Beach for the big race on Tuesday.

And, finally, after three years of attempts, it was the Cup’s namesake that actually took it out: Stevie Simpson, aka coach Adam Simpson’s dog.

“He’s never won, Stevie, we’ve just named the race after him,” Simpson told The West.


“Now we wear it with pride.

“We’ve got a new puppy at home in training for next year so Jesse and Stevie next year.

“I took him down here on the weekend, just to scope out the area and we live around the corner so a bit of a home ground advantage.

He said it was good that the players had a bit of a break.

“It’s right in the middle of the pre-season, so recovery today, bring the dogs down, have a bit of fun.”

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