Forget the animals, the fairy floss, the swinging clown heads with their unsettlingly wide-open mouths… nothing gets our highlighters out faster than the Perth Royal Show’s showbag catalogue.

Where for some reason, normal stuff you can get pretty much anywhere at any time, like Caramello Koalas, Chupa Chups, Fruit Tingles or… you know, liquorice, blows collective minds when they’re sold in loud plastic bags.

This year, there’s 271 of them.

Here’s what got our attention:

The cheapest

There are 8 showbags which are $4 each – or 3 for $10.

Our pick – the showbag which almost defies inflation, Bertie Beetle.


The high-end

There are 9 bags at $50 or more.

Our pick – stuff it, at $125, go all out on the Fremantle Chocolate Ultimate Bay purely to assert your dominance.


Perth Wildcats Showbag – $30

AFL Team Showbags – $25. As long as you’re into West Coast, Fremantle, Adelaide, Brisbane, Collingwood, Essendon, Geelong, Bulldogs or Carlton. Into the Demons or the Swans? Too bad.


Bertie Beetle

Yep, the showbag’s showbag has its own category here because there are different levels of Bert.

There are 6 kinds of Bertie Beetle bags, ranging from the one we just mentioned above to…

– Bertie Beetle Platinum Showbag – $5 (16 Bertie Beetles, nothing else)

– Bertie Beetle Gold Showbag – $6 (7 Bertie Beetles, including other confectionary)

– Bertie Beetle Triple Deal Showbag – $10 (16 Bertie Beetles, including other confectionary)


– Bertie Beetle Diamond Deal Showbag – $15. (This thing has 50 Bertie Beetles and nothing else WTFFFF)

– Bertie Beetle Bonanza Showbag $15 (25 Bertie Beetles, including other confectionary)

Want to see all the bags? Check out the full selection here.

The Perth Royal Show kicks off Saturday September 22 through to September 29 at the Claremont showgrounds.



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