Most of us can only dream of super shiny shower glass without crazy chemicals or a LOT of elbow grease on the weekends. Why does it have to be so hard to keep things clean around here??

However, a mum has shared her ultimate hack to transforming her shower screen using a simple tool she picked up at Bunnings – and it only cost her $1.99.

On the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, Amanda posted that she purchased a window scraper to remove the scum and it works like dream with no harsh scrubbing necessary.

“Since a lot of you ask about help to clean a show! I thought I’d share a tool I found at Bunnings in the cleaning section,” she wrote.

“I use no cleaning products with this and it’s super easy to use! and no, it doesn’t scratch the glass.”



Fellow Facebook users had a crack with the tool and were amazed with the results.

“I tried this tonight and it literally took seconds, genius!” one user wrote.

“Holy crap that’s amazing,” another said.

Ahh, Aussie mums. They’ve done it again.


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