Step aside #catsofinstagram and #dogsofinstagram, one Perth bun-bun is coming for you.

Smudge the mini lop rabbit has sent hearts racing with her adventures in… coffee.

In just five short months, @coffeewithsmudge has attracted almost 33,000 followers.

Thing is, Smudge’s owners, Gracie Atkins and Brad Reynolds, originally wanted a dog, but being renters and fulltime students made it difficult.

Atkins then started dropping hints to Reynolds about getting a rabbit.

“Growing up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, they were illegal… but I had always wanted one,” she told 96FM. “But, eventually, on Valentine’s Day, Brad finally cracked.”

Smudge was the product of a litter of bunnies which was a complete surprise to the original owners.


“[It was] an accidental pregnancy between two supposed ‘females’ owned by a family nearby,” Atkins said.

Atkins and Reynolds have since graduated and the couple’s fur-children has extended to finally adopting a doggo, Pepper.

“We’re lucky that Smudge isn’t fazed by dogs, she lived with a roommate’s very friendly greyhound for a while.”

While Pepper has been trained to be around Smudge, the two don’t hang out alone.


Instead, Smudge has her own room. Whaaaaat.

“When we aren’t around to supervise, we shut her baby gate so that she doesn’t have full reign of the house,” Atkins explained. “Pepper is still young, so we wouldn’t want to risk it!”

In February, the couple started @coffeewithsmudge, where they would take Smudge out to various cafes around Fremantle, and it was purely as a means to post pictures of Smudge, guilt-free.

“We had a slow build for about 4 months after starting it, and had hit about 8,000 followers, which we thought was great,” Atkins said.


“But it was a video of Smudge eating kale out of a cup whilst Brad sipped coffee that went crazy.”

Atkins said the video was picked up by a swag of media outlets and “every cute animal page you can think of!”

If a video can go super-viral, it was this one. It’s estimated that the vid copped more than 15 million views.

Atkins says that the couple don’t really put effort into building their @coffeewithsmudge following, they just post pics as often as they can and try to reply to the hundreds of messages they get every week.


The couple often get recognised in Freo, and when out and about sans bunny, people will stop them and ask after Smudge.

But Smudge might have her competition cut out for her.

“I’ve even been stopped at the dog beach with people asking if it’s Pepper as they recognise her,” Atkins said.

Smudge’s minor celebrity status has inspired every level of sweet.


 “There’s this one little girl who has had a bunny plush toy all her life that she takes around with her and her dad told us that she has renamed it from ‘bunny’ to ‘Smudge’,” Atkins said.

“We also get a fair few funny messages from girls professing their love to Brad or proposing to him, as who doesn’t love a man who is that sweet with a bunny.”

Yessss, who doesn’t indeed.

*puts ring away*


Smudge’s fave coffee shops include:

Mostly Sometimes147 South Terrace, Fremantle. 

– Blink19A High St, Fremantle 

Little Lefroys310 South Terrace, South Fremantle

The Third Wheel408 South Terrace, South Fremantle

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