We’re always looking for ways to score a freebie for our home… and if you had paid a bit more attention in science class, you could have saved a lot of money by now! 

A Bunnings shopper has revealed their tip on how to get free plants from the store on Reddit.

Using the process of plant propagation, gardeners are able to grow new plants from discarded leaves that are left on the floors.

The anonymous Reddit user had shared a photo of their most recent haul of 18 plant leaves.

“More floor finds, from Bunnings this time,” the gardener said.

Picking up discarded leaves from nursery floors and taking them home to replant them, often called ‘prop hauls’, often divides social media.


But, as one said, “They would just be thrown away or stepped on. At least we’re giving them a new life.”

One of the subreddit’s rules is “making sure your prop was not stolen without permission!”