You may have heard of Ivory Coat, they’re a kinda luxe dog food brand and they’re looking for the next hot thing to appear in one of their ads.

So if you think your dog has a gorgeous coat and star potential then maybe it’s time to become the stage mum you were always meant to be.

Ivory Coat is casting an advertisement for 20 doggies that could win you a year’s supply of their dog food and your baby could get it’s own modelling profile on their website!

So what do you need to do?

You need to take a REEEEEAL nice picture of your pupper that captures their personality and upload it with your application.


Your dog has to be already be eating Ivory Coat and both you and your child star need to be available on 17th-19th of July for filming.

Also, they’re begging you to only apply if your dog is trained.

Please don’t bring your psycho pet that doesn’t know how to sit. 

You can enter the comp right here!


However…a heads up… you’ll need to answer a question about your favourite Ivory Coat product, which should be easy because…your dog…is already eating it…

But maybe do a quick google in case you know…you’ve forgotten what they like.

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