Valentine’s Day makes people feel either one of two things – extremely loved after being spoiled by their partner or super annoyed by all of the loved-up people around you.

If you’re the latter, then don’t worry. We’ve just heard of the perfect thing to make your V-Day the best day of the whole damn year.

If you’ve got an ex that bugs you… (that pun will make sense in a moment and you’ll be laughing yourself silly) than one zoo has come up with the perfect way to let your anger out.

San Antonio Zoo over in Texas is giving people the opportunity to name a cockroach after their ex for Valentine’s day! But that’s not all.

Once you’ve named the roach after the person who broke your heart, you then get to FEED the slimy thing to an animal! Talk about the perfect V-Day revenge.

And what’s even better? It only costs $5! But even if it was like $100 we’d say it would be money well spent, right?

The event called ‘Cry Me A Cockroach’ is all being streamed live on Valentine’s Day so you’ll be able to watch as your cockroach is gobbled up.


All submissions will remain anonymous and only first names of the exes will be said on the live-stream so no need to worry about backlash from the ex!


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