Aussie comedian Jon-Bernard Kairouz had correctly predicted NSW COVID-19 case numbers for five days running, prompting reports of a leak at NSW Health.

But, how is he doing it?

Mr Kairouz claims “simple maths” is behind his spot-on predictions.

“You’ll find in multivariable calculus there’s often many solutions to various problems,” he told Sky News Australia.

“So it just comes down to assessing all the factors and putting in the Kairouz probability theorem and seeing what we come up with.”

NSW Health isn’t impressed, reportedly calling Mr Kairouz and telling him to “give up a source and stop posting,” which he has effectively ignored.

“That [call] hasn’t fazed me one bit,” he said. “I’m not worried at all to be quite honest.”


Mr Kairouz has since carried on by releasing his guess on Sunday night ahead of the scheduled 11am Monday daily press conference.

He plans to further defy the request and will continue to release videos, which attract thousands of comments.

Some noted that it was plausible that there could be an inside source at NSW Health, particularly after his predictions where released after 8pm.

Others clearly didn’t care: “Tell me the lottery numbers please”.





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