A tradie accidentally ripped up the wrong homeowner’s backyard thanks to ‘stupid’ street layout.

Dreigan Fisher, known as @Dafishaaa on TikTok, arrived at a job before his boss and started ripping up pavers in the backyard of number 37 on a street in Cranbourne West in Melbourne.

However, he at the wrong house.

“What a way to start the day, huh,” he says in a TikTok.

@dafishaaaWhen you go to prep a pour and end up going to the wrong house… 😒😭 ##mondays ##embarrising ##landscaping ##fyp ##willbebacktoreplaceyourpavers♬ original sound – Dafishaaa

Thing is, his boss Tyler Brooks backed his apprentice, blaming the “stupid set up” of the street, which sees the number 37 of an adjacent street positioned three doors down from the home they were meant to work on.


“It’s all part of the one block of units but the end unit belongs to a different street but has the same number 37,” Mr Brooks said.

@dafishaaaBosses view on yesterdays monday-itis ##fyp ##landscaping ##boss ##tylerslandscapes ##melbournesbestlandscapers

♬ original sound – Dafishaaa

The Bunch had a rollercoaster of feelings about this on Friday, throwing the phones open to listeners who had similar stuff-ups at work… as one suggested, her high-vis was suddenly very low-res for the rest of the day.

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