From figuring out how to pack properly, to deciding which souvenirs are worth it, here are a handful of travel tips we thought were the most practical.

Sensible shoes

After a day of exploring, you won’t be cursing those painful blisters… you’ll thank yourself for packing a comfy pair of shoes.

Ask a local

Remember? This was something we did pre-smartphones.

Whether it’s where the closest pharmacy is or which hidden gem nosheries locals love, how about asking the people who actually live there.

Be choosy about souvenirs


Not gonna lie, I once travelled across Europe with a fricken clock I bought in London on day one. Needless to say it became the absolute thorn in my side.

Thing is, I recently heard that a friend’s mum would only consider souvenirs if they had a purpose – hence she would only really buy fridge magnets or keep some coins for her hallway sideboard back home.

These things are also smaller than a clock.

Don’t try and do it all

One of the most common mistakes is when travellers feel like they need to squeeze every single damn thing into their itinerary.

Sure, definitely put those comfy shoes on and go for gold but rushing can take away the fun… and your trip isn’t the season finale of The Amazing Race.


So, take your time and drink it in.

Pack light, then repack even lighter

This is a hard one.

*looks at clock*

This is probably the time to quote travel expert Rick Steves, who said, “Prepare for the best-case scenario.”

But what does that even mean?


Let’s say the forecast is mostly sunny. What he’s saying is don’t bring a raincoat for that small chance it might rain.

If it doesn’t rain, Yahtzee.

But if it does rain, buy a cheap umbrella or raincoat. I mean, go with it, work it out.

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