A tradie has been filmed throwing rubbish back onto the car of a driver who had thrown it out of their window at the lights.

A pair of tradies were at a red light in Braybrook, Melbourne, when they saw a driver chuck the rubbish out.

Rather than beep their horn or flash their lights, one of the men decided to get out of his car, pick up the rubbish and throw it back at the driver.

The driver can be heard in approving laughter in the clip, that was posted to TikTok.

In the caption of the clip, Jess Palmer said ‘A guy was chucking rubbish out of his car. My brother just wasn’t having it and nearly got bashed for this.’

The video has been viewed 1.3 million times and has 83,000 likes.

One person said: ‘I know so many people that are disrespectful with their rubbish.  It’s so great to see someone doing something about it. What a legend.’ 


‘People are so lazy. Good on you brother for doing that,’ another commented. 

Another said: ‘Some heroes don’t wear capes.’ 

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