Dash cam footage of a t-bone collision between a bike and a car in Melbourne has left Facebook users divided over who was at fault.

The footage, taken in January, was uploaded to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook group on Monday and shows a bike rider being struck at the side by a car. The rider had passed a large white van prior to being hit, with the bike itself flying into the air on impact.

Witnesses rushed to help, including the driver.

The astonishing video has been viewed around 92k times and has divided members of the group over who was at fault over the incident.

“The driver of the turning car is definitely at fault here. However, and it kills me to say it, it would be very difficult for the driver to see the approaching cyclist. I would never ride through at that speed,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Driver must be unfamiliar with the area. This is bike central here – a steady stream of bike commuters all day. It probably the major bike route in and out of the CBD.”

“The bikes are not in the wrong… the van in not in the wrong!!! The car is 100% in the wrong…
It is illegal to stop over an intersection, even if there is no ‘Keep Clear’ painted on the road.
When turning right ‘you must give way to all oncoming traffic.’”


Others were in the driver’s corner, concerned that the bike rider shouldn’t have been riding in the first place:

“Built-up traffic, tram, intersection, van blocking visual…. All the signs are there to approach with caution.
Vehicle turning that cyclist collided with was stationery and proceeded cautiously.
Cyclist not riding to conditions.”

“Pushbike rider should have stopped if cars have stopped. It’s probably a good indication that there is something going on so the pushbike rider should have slowed down, stopped and had a good look before continuing.”

“No one is looking at the fact that the tram is stopped. It is law that you must stop when the tram stops to let the passengers off, and as far as I know that applies for cyclists as well so the cyclist should have been slowing down, plus it is common courtesy to leave a gap to allow vehicles to turn.”

Have a look yourself and see what you think…




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