Public holidays are all fun and games until they’re over and we have to head back to our regular five day week of work.

And thanks to the massive Easter break that we’ve just had our body’s just aren’t really coping with the daily grind and work routine.

So why not forget about all that and focus on more important things – like booking your next holiday!!

With the latest sale happening right now at Jetstar Australia it’s seriously never been a better (or cheaper) time to book in that annual leave and jet off on a relaxing break!

Why? Because you can literally get your return flight for FREE!

To celebrate Jetstar’s 15th birthday, the airline are giving all of us a mega present with FREE return flights on certain holidays to places across Australia like Melbourne, Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Adelaide and many more.


Feel like jetting overseas? They’ve got your back here too! There’s also FREE return flights available for places like Hawaii, New Zealand, Bali and Thailand!

All you need to do is head to the Jetstar website, click on ‘Find Flights’ next to the holiday you want and look for a return flight labelled $0!

The return flight deal may not be available for all dates and times and availability is limited on school or public holiday weekends.


Your outbound and return flights must also be purchased in a single booking and be for the same arrival and departure locations.

All other terms and conditions can be found here!

It’s literally never been a better time to book your holiday! Not that we really needed an excuse…

If you need us, we’ll be busy packing our bags!

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