In just 4 years’ time, the classes of air travel we know today could look wildly different.

Basking the afterglow of the first non-stop flight from Perth to London earlier in the week, a leaked recording of Qantas CEO Alan Joyce revealed some pretty interesting ambitions for the national carrier.

One, to fly non-stop from Sydney and Melbourne to London and also directly to New York within four years.

Another is an entirely new class: Cargo Class. Called such as it would be located in the cargo hold. Yep. Areas which would normally hold freight could be overhauled for passenger use.

Train-like berths and an ‘exercise’ space for passengers to stretch and walk around in.

Jetstar could be extended beyond the Asia Pacific and start flying to Europe. Joyce later said that “nothing is off the table” regarding a new airline class.

“Could some of the freight areas that we may not use, be used as an exercise area?” he asked.


Fairfax reported that Qantas had put the idea to both Airbus and Boeing.

QF9 left Perth on Saturday evening and arrived at Heathrow on Sunday morning, 17 hours later.


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