If there’s one road rule that most of us follow or tell our kids about it’s the ‘don’t put the light on as it’s illegal’.

However, one tweet from a The Guardian’s political reporter Amy Remekis has flared many people up, who still though it was illegal (thanks Dad) with one saying ‘who knew’ and another pointed that “My Dad told us that and then doubled down with overuse of the indicators chewed up too much petrol.’.

It’s actually (just to clear it up) not illegal to have the light on while driving (but for some it could be distracting.)

Other road rules that have caught people out is a reply from Craig Platt from Traveller said “Victoria Police shocked that state a few years ago when they revealed it’s also not illegal to have an open alcoholic beverage in the car.’’


And looking through the road rules, he is correct, with VicRoads saying “Passengers are not prohibited from drinking alcohol in a vehicle. However, it is advised that passengers do not engage in drinking, as drunk passengers could distract the driver.’’

So, there you have it!

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