Elon Musk has announced he is preparing ‘spaceports’ as part of his mission to colonise Mars, which would help offer ‘hypersonic travel’ around the earth.

The SpaceX founder took to Twitter to confirm the news, after a user quoted a job listing that the company was looking for people to “work as part of a team of engineers and technicians to design and build an operational offshore rocket launch facility” in Brownsville, Texas on the US-Mexico border.

“SpaceX is building floating, superheavy-class spaceports for Mars, moon, and hypersonic travel around Earth,” Musk explained in the tweet.

When asked about the hypersonic earth-to-earth flights, Musk said “there will be many test flights before commercial passengers are carried”, and the test flights probably won’t begin for another two or three years.

However, with the speeds quoted, 6,174km/h, it would mean a trip from Melbourne to Los Angeles could be completed in around 2 hours.

If it works, it will be the fastest commercial travel option.

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