“It’s about the journey, not the destination.”

OK, whoever came up with that hasn’t been on a long-haul flight.

For instance, the quickest one-stop flight from Perth to New York? Close to 25 hours.

And while New York is one of the most amazing places you could ever go, you can’t change that it’s still more than 18,700km away.

Stumbling across an old ‘Ask Reddit’ thread, however, we noticed some seriously solid tips on how to deal that aren’t simply ‘sleep and stay hydrated’.

Here’s what stuck out to us:

“In-flight movies are great, but I find the time passes more quickly if you can find a show you love to binge watch.”


“Noise-cancelling headphones are a must.”

“Adjust to your destination’s time zone ASAP. For instance, if you’re arriving at night, try to sleep as little as possible.”

“The Lord Of The Rings trilogy extended edition will kill about 11hrs…just leaves 5 hrs for food, toilet breaks, and maybe one more movie.”

“Remember that EVERYONE needs to use the bathroom immediately after the attendants have served a meal. Try to use it before the meal is served to miss the rush.”

“Don’t be ashamed to get up just to walk around. It’s not weird.”

“If you’re a dude, baby powder is your friend. Not only do you want to prevent marinating, but it may also prevent chafing or having to shift your underwear for X hours.”


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