Jetstar = cheap flights

Jetstar + COVID-19 = cheaper flights

Since domestic travel has opened up and honestly stays open, Aussies are keen to get the hoot out of their own city and stretch their legs.

Since mid-June Jetstar has been offering a tonne of discounted flights and according to them they sold almost 70, 000 fares in a matter of five hours on one day!

So when we found out that the Jetstar Christmas sale has already stated, offering cheap flights since midnight Saturday, we ran to have a looksie.

If the flights we’re talking about haven’t sold out by the time you’re reading this then Bon Voyage you lucky adventurer.

You’ll find flights STARTING at $29 (Adelaide to Melbourne) which is just… well obscene!


For a cool $119 us sandgropers can head over to Adelaide or if you’re feeling extra flush, for just $129 we can head to Melbs, Cairns or the Goldie!

Check them out yourself here.

These prices are all one-way fares and you’d be looking to travel between January-June 2021 so think ahead and godspeed to you all!






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