It actually happens – people forget to pick up their luggage after a flight or don’t bother at all, and it goes round and round until the handlers pop it away.

It turns out in the US, if a traveller doesn’t claim their baggage within three months, it can head to a store called Unclaimed Baggage Center. It’s the place where you can head to check out all the interesting goods others have forgotten about and some of it is a steal.

Take a look at this stunning ring for example! The store said on social media it was priced at over $20,000AUD ($14,000USD) but appraised for three times that amount. What happened on that trip??

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And what about these high fashion items? Surely someone was missing these…


Feel like you want to take up photography? Why not grab yourself a high priced camera?

Unclaimed Bag Center has recently launched their online store so you can start scrolling through to your heart’s content. They even have an Unclaimed Bag of the Week collection – what stories can be told!!

See what is in store right now here.