A London-based brewery has come up with a creative way to support struggling venues and musicians, while also promoting its brand.

Signature Brew has committed £250,000 (nearly $AU447,000) worth of beer to a live music fund in the UK, inviting independent venues around the country to apply for beer grants worth up to £5,000 (almost $9K).

The fund will support struggling venues and touring musos alike.

“We’re passionate about live music and we’re going to help independent venues and musicians however we can,” says the company’s co-founder Sam McGregor in a press release.

“The idea for the Beer Grant scheme came from wanting to offer the thing we do best as a way to make life easier for venues and touring bands after an unprecedentedly difficult year.

“We want to help as many venues as possible and we believe the Signature Brew Beer Grant will contribute to safeguarding the future of the UK’s music scene.”

In addition to venues, artists with gigs booked in the next 12 months will be eligible to apply for their share of free beer.


Signature Brew hopes the fresh, free beer will help kickstart revenue generation for small venues.

More than 550 venues in the UK are at risk of closing after a year of lockdowns preventing live events.

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