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We all have questions we would love to ask one another, but never actually start the conversation with our friends! We chatted to the lovely ladies who host the Life Uncut podcast, Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley all about our top Fashion and Lifestyle questions, and we are so glad we have got their answers to share with you!

Is there a secret you use to finding the perfect outfit? 
Laura: I don’t think there is a big secret to it, but I think knowing your body shape and what works well on your figure goes a long way to feeling comfortable and confident.


Brittany: These days I go for comfort 95% of the time! Think lots of linen, high waists, lots of white, big sleeves, high necks. I am a sucker for a turtleneck, but my staples and my everyday wear is denim (skirt, shorts, jeans) with a crisp white top, gold jewellery and slides. Can’t fail.

What is the one piece of clothing you can’t live without and why do you love it so much?
Laura: Right now loose-fitting summer dresses. Being pregnant in this heat is a killer so I’ve been living in loose-fitting summer dresses that are easy to throw on, take minimal effort but give the impression that I’ve tried to throw an outfit together. Accessories and jewellery go a long way to finishing off an outfit too.

Brittany: Probably a good denim skirt. You can throw it over a bikini, wear it casually with a tee or dress it up with heels and a nice top and blazer, it’s quite versatile let me tell you! Currently obsessed with Ksubi denim.

How do you balance your social life and ‘me-time’?
Laura: I think this is something I struggle with at the moment – between being pregnant, having a toddler, running a business and going the podcast there isn’t a lot of balance / socialising. I think there are times in life when you have to make sacrifices because it’s impossible to do everything at once.

Brittany: Ahhh to be honest, this year I feel like I had hardly any time to myself and basically worked 7 days a week. Owning your own business, especially one in its infancy and one growing exponentially takes up all of your time. On top of that, I am a frontline health care worker so I worked long hours throughout the pandemic, everyone really went above and beyond.

I also decided this would be the year I pursue passions and I was cast in my first feature film, so I somehow found time to film that. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made, this was just one of those years. It has just been a crazy year but one I hope I can change going into 2021. The time I do take for myself as many days as possible is an early gym class, usually boxing. It sets the tone for the day and it is my de-stresser.


What’s your secret to keeping a relationship going?
Laura: Open communication, acceptance, honesty and a lot of love and loads of laughs.

Brittany: I have been single for around 8 years now, and whilst I can give advice, it does not come from recent experience, but more from experiences and lessons and I’ve learnt in the past. Trust, open communication and spontaneity are all musts. Treat your partner how you would like to be treated and always make time for date nights.

What would be your number one tip for someone who is going on a Zoom date?
Laura: I think zoom dates are a great idea – they aren’t too serious and you aren’t stuck sitting in the flesh with someone you have no chemistry with.

Having some cute games like two truths one lie can be a good way to get the conversation flowing if you feel awkward. Also sending your date the same bottle of wine that you’re drinking so you can enjoy it together and have a shared experience is a nice added touch.

Brittany: Don’t take it too seriously! Maybe you could get the same bottle of wine and follow the same recipe and get to know each other whilst cooking.


What’s the easiest way you find to unwind after a long day?
Laura: Going for a walk with my family and pooch, playing with my daughter in the backyard and baking up some cookie dough or having a hot bath  – god I sound like a 50’s housewife, but it really is the little things.

Brittany: A beach walk or swim is what de-stresses me most. Throw a podcast in and off I go.

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