If ever there was a horror story to encourage you to check the date on your fake tan (which let’s be honest, we never actually do) then this one definitely does the trick!

This mum-or-two accidentally turned her entire body bright GREEN after using a fake tan product that was past it’s use by date. Yep, it might not be food but it turns out that date is actually very important!

Jenni Coleman, a mum-of-two from the UK, was applying her tan one night while enjoying a glass of wine when things turned, well a little more Wicked Witch of the West than slightly bronzed.

While Jenni noticed a slight green tinge at the time, she thought nothing of it and continued to apply the tan. Which you would, because tans usually do have undertones of certain colours such as green or violet.

But the next morning when Jenni woke up, she got a real shock when she looked in the mirror and it seemed as thought the grinch was staring back at her!

In order to remove the colour from her skin, Jenni had to continuously shower and exfoliate.

“When I saw myself the following morning I nearly cried, it wasn’t great, I just couldn’t believe it,” she said according to Metro UK.


“It wasn’t patch – I didn’t think it was ever going to come off. It took a few days to properly come off, I hid away at home that weekend trying to scrub it off, it put me off tanning for a bit.”

Now this fake tan disaster actually happened about four years ago now, but recently with the world being in the state that it is, Jenni’s friends have been sharing the photos and story on Facebook in order to give people a laugh during this tough time.

Mission accomplished we say! And of course, moral of the story, ALWAYS check the use by date on your tan bottle from now on!

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