Florencia Lobo and her little brother were walking through the streets of Argentina when they discovered, what they thought, was a pair of kittens.

Assuming the cats mother had died either during or after labor, the woman decided to bring the cats home to look after them, but sadly, one of them didn’t survive. The sole survivor was named Tito, who was nursed fully to health.

However, it was after a routine vet checkup a couple months later that Florencia got the shock of her life.

You see, Tito wasn’t a “normal” feline.

“The vet didn’t know what it was but said it was not a normal cat,” she said.


At the vet’s recommendation, she took Tito to the Horco Molle nature reserve, where staff confirmed the cat was a jaguarundi, a small wild cat found in South American.

Tito now calls the nature reserve in Yerba Buena, Argentina home.

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