Just a couple of months after an influencer ‘discovered’ decaf coffee, another discovery has been documented – this time in the laundry.

About a week ago, @morgannewaldo uploaded a short vid of the best purchase she had made for her apartment so far.

“I saw a lot of videos and reviews for this mini washer/dryer and had to try it,” she said as she threw several towels in to demonstrate how the thing worked.

But it was when she began filling the drum with water manually from the showerhead that I realised that this young woman had discovered something my Nan had for years.

She had discovered the twin tub washing machine.

Even the plastic thing you put on the top of the laundry before spinning it was sending me right back to my childhood.

“You’ll be so surprised at how dry things come out,” Morganne says. “You hang-dry it overnight and the next day everything is super clean and really eco-friendly.”


So far the clip has had more than 200K views.

@morgannewaldoBest purchase I’ve made for my apartment so far. ##washerdryer ##portablewasher ##amazonfinds ##ecofriendly ##lowcost ##affordable ##apartmenthack♬ original sound – Morganne W

It reminded me of when in February, Aussie TikTokker Amarni ‘discovered’ decaf coffee.

“So guys I’ve stopped drinking coffee about three or four months ago because it was making my anxiety really bad but I just found a new alternative,” she had told fans.

“This is decaf, decaf coffee, I think that’s how you say it… it’s actually really nice, it tastes exactly like coffee and I think I can finally start having coffee again.”






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