We really don’t deserve our pets, particularly the ones that have bartending skills.

Lisa told Clairsy the story about how a woman in the UK has taught her dog to get her a drink.

“He fetches her a drink whenever she says it’s ‘gin o’ clock’,” Lisa explained, adding that Janice, of Somerset, and her husband Dave first realised their dog had a flair for customer service when they took a break from working in the garden one day.

“They turned to their Labrador ‘Bear’ and said, ‘ooh it’s gin o’ clock’ and he just ran off to the kitchen and got it.”

It’s understood that Bear didn’t actually pull a scene from Cocktail but rather grabbed a premixed can of gin and tonic with his mouth. What a good boy.

So, naturally, The Bunch opened to the phones and asked what have you taught your pet?


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