If you’re already getting bored during your self-isolation and you need a new way to connect with your mates other than through House Party while still maintaining social distancing, then why not bring out one of the best party games of all time.

Cards Against Humanity!

Of course, being in separate houses you can’t just whip out a deck and roll around giggling at all of your answers in person with your group of friends…

But like everything else these days, the card game has actually migrated online! So now we can all bring out our most inappropriate jokes from the comfort of our own homes!

All you need to do is head to the website here, start up a game and share the game’s unique link with your mates.

You can have up to 6 people playing at once and the standard rules of CAH apply – one card is drawn, everyone has to pick their funniest/most inappropriate/all round wrong answer and then the judge decides the best one.

No doubt there will still be arguments like “MY CARD IS FUNNY!” through the online version! So it will really feel like the real deal, especially if you combine your own FaceTime sesh into the mix at the same time!


So grab the wine and jump online with your mates! Who said self-isolation had to be boring?

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