An unnamed sex worker recently answered the most asked question that people in her industry receive.

Funnily enough, people are exceptionally curious.

The most asked question that sex workers say they get is, “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?”

She said, ‘I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked. Friends, colleagues, clients, even the odd inquisitive soul at a party or event: few seem to be able to resist asking about the kinkiest, strangest, most unusual, most downright depraved request I’ve ever fielded.’

She’s not shy of answering though. And her stories are pretty great

She says ‘there was a man who worked across the road from a gym and had developed a particular love for women in yoga pants; and the other chap who had found himself obsessing over the texture and feel of rubber since before he could remember.’

‘The man who chose to see me because my hair reminded him of his first girlfriend was an interesting one; as was the businessman who enjoyed wearing high heels and stockings because, as he put it, his secretary wore them all day and seemed to live a much less stressful life than he did.’


She says that she wouldn’t kink-shame these people though,

‘Although a lot of these kinks are certainly unusual, I wouldn’t call any of them weird.’

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