The short answer: the Fremantle Markets are tipped to open again soon.

The long answer is that yes, the Fremantle Markets are tipped for a Phase 4 reopening after a fresh lease is signed, and some essential repairs are undertaken.

Market operators and the landlord – the City of Fremantle – are reportedly about to enter negotiations over $1.7 million of works and early longer-term security for the markets.

On June 10, the Fremantle council caught up and voted to get much-needed repairs on the markets done – subject to a new lease being signed.

The current 18-year lease is set to wrap in 2026.

We’re talking the replacement of parts of the roof, fixing up the entry gates and replacement of electrical switchboards.

And really, while the markets are closed, it’s a great time to get it all done.


Fremantle Markets chief executive Natasha Atkinson told the Fremantle Gazette the council’s decision was one of “absolute relief.”

“These works are urgent and will ensure the ability to keep the Fremantle Markets viable and relevant in this competitive economic world,” she said before adding that traders were using the downtime to revamp stalls.

“We cannot wait to reopen,” she said.

Same Natasha. Same.

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