An Albany fisherman has been slapped with a ban from YouTube after they said his video content breached its animal cruelty policy.

Known for his extreme brand of rock fishing – abseiling cliffs with a line to access the inaccessible spots – Gideon ‘Gido’ Mettam’s channel, ‘Gido’s Fishing Adventures’, has a following of more than 100,000 subscribers.

The big following has meant that Gido’s channel is now his main source of income.

Last week, YouTube pulled Gido’s ability to monetise his video content for 30 days after claims of animal cruelty.

YouTube defines content that falls in this category as “malicious infliction of physical harm causing an animal or group of animals to experience suffering… This means that there’s no purpose to the depiction of animal suffering other than to shock or disgust.”

Gido told the ABC that he was confused by the ban.


“I don’t really fit the bill for what they call animal cruelty which is doing nasty stuff to animals to shock viewers,” he said. “I just dispatch fish for feed and do it humanely.”

Thing is, YouTube haven’t pointed out any video in particular that apparently breached the policy, they’ve simply told Gido that it’s “a significant portion”.

In future, he said he might edit-out where he ‘dispatches’ the fish (the act of humanely killing a fish)… which could, you know, be seen as educational.


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