The AMA WA President has responded to the Premier’s plan to rejoin the rest of the country in opening up.

Last week, Mark McGowan said controls would be eased once the state achieved 90 per cent vaccination for people aged 12 and above and that a specific reopening date would be locked in once the state achieves 80 per cent vaccination, expected in the first half of December.

To say it’s divided the state is an understatement.

On Wednesday, Dr Mark Duncan-Smith joined Clairsy & Lisa and didn’t muck around.

“When we do hit that 80 per cent level, a date definitely has to be set,” he said, adding that there was such vaccine hesitancy here because we’re free of COVID – for now.

“There’s no pressure to get the vaccine but it’s real, it’s coming, and people will need to get out there and get vaccinated”.

Duncan-Smith had some ideas about how he’d like to see the reopening roll out.


“A date needs to be set for the fully-vaccinated people who should be allowed to travel for family reunions for example. That should be the first allowance,” he began.

“The next one should be, perhaps a month later, people who are fully-vaccinated should be allowed to travel for holidays.”

The third involved those who were not vaccinated.

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