If The Camfield had just 100 pub-goers inside, as per the new restrictions, it would make up just 4% of its capacity.

The 9000sqm, 2500-capacity behemoth, otherwise known as the biggest pub in Australia, has another problem – it relies significantly on footy fans.

“I’m actually watching all the Eagles players rock up for a training session for a game that’s going to have no one there,” General Manager Tim McLernon told Botica’s Bunch on Thursday.

“We’ll do what we can, we’ll make sure that there’s only 100 people, social distancing, make sure everyone’s doing the right thing in terms of hygiene and all that, but it’s obviously not sustainable for a longer period of time.”

To get a sense of how bit The Camfield is, McLernon previously said that a normal pub might get 10 or 12 kegs delivered on a Wednesday morning.

“We’ll get 300.”

McLernon confirmed to The Bunch that other venues like Tiger Lil’s, Empire Bar and Little Creatures had already closed their doors and that more, including his, were on the cards.


“We also have The Stables and The Reveley, and it’s impossible to keep a business going where your income is basically zero but you’re still expected to pay all the costs,” he said.

“We’ll try and do the best we can but, absolutely, the time is coming where it will be cheaper for us to close our doors and wait this out.”

“The terrible part for us, and me personally, is that on Monday, we had 150 casual staff that don’t have a job anymore.”

It wasn’t just bar staff either but cleaners, security guards and audio-visual contractors.

“Their business have evaporated overnight as well.”

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