If you’re anything like me, the thirst for a new podcast is REAL… and if also anything like me you might need a tiny break from true crime and instead, need a laugh.

Judith Lucy has kicked off a podcast that might just be right up your alley, and on Friday, she told Botica’s Bunch how it came about.

“I basically woke up just before I turned 50 and, oh my God, the world is screwed and so is my life – how am I going to make the most of my time left on this crazy planet?”

“So, of course, I’ll make a podcast, I’ll exploit my misery and share it with everyone.”

Judith Lucy: Overwhelmed + Dying is her attempt at trying to work out how to feel less overwhelmed: about climate change, getting older, and being single, this time potentially forever … oh, and the search for purpose and meaning.

“People beg me to stop and I just won’t,” she said.

Lucy, who grew up in Perth, admitted that a lot of the recordings were done in WA, including a visit to Karrakatta Cemetery.


“I tried to find the plaques of my parents because their ashes are buried there but I actually couldn’t find them… so now I’m pretty convinced that mum and dad just faked their own deaths and maybe living in Spain.”

She also takes a trip to Little Creatures brewery in Fremantle…

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