Not only will you be able to pick up some paint, a nail gun and a rake, COVID-19 testing stations have begun rolling out in some Bunnings Warehouse car parks.

It’s understood that testing, the pilot being conducted in Melbourne, will take place solely in the car park and away from the store and will be run independently from Bunnings.

The hardware giant was approached given the sheer size of its car parks and was reportedly happy to be involved in the program.

Botica’s Bunch chatted about his on Thursday and Lisa was puzzled.

“Bunnings are so busy, their car parks are full,” she said.

“They tried this at IKEA in the UK but it was temporarily closed which is great because they have those great big carparks.

“Why wouldn’t you have it at the Innaloo cinemas, cinemas are closed and the carpark’s huge…”


What do you think? Is Bunnings the right place to have these testing centres?

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